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You should know

Guys Today i entered on Youtube and i just saw that almost over 100 comments at my song " Tomorrow " , is saying that i wrote that song for my ex-boyfriend or others !

Is not true ! i should remember You that i' wrote that song because of my grandFather ! dedicate him !
in the day when he died !
You guys can see it better i just sing that song at one of my concerts and it wasnt how i would to be ! i cried over and over again !
i was just confused when i saw that all the ppl is looking at me and i remembered about my grandpa and ' i was just falling down !
wasnt ready to lose him ! miss u and i miss the times when he hold me in his arms ! ♥♥

Look here : www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONLr-zweXH0&feature=related

Thank u guys :(
Before the concert !
Before the concert !
after i cry & i talk with u !
after i cry & i talk with u !
with my tears in my eyes
with my tears in my eyes

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NickJonasFan 24 December 2010  
Oh, my sweety! I`m so sorry 4 ya`!
I lost my grandpa, too! I know the feeling! The world is falling down when you think 'bout it.
But you have to be strong!
ANd don't forget that I`ll always be here 4 you! I`ll support you in everything :(
xDxdXd 23 December 2010  
i am really sorry for u ! and @xEmoKidxlove8494 is right :((
Avril be happy for us :(
ProtectAbby 23 December 2010  
i know it hurts u :( but avril calm down ! :(( i saw the video and u was crying :((
xEmoKidxlove8494 23 December 2010  
Avril i know is hard to lose someone who u cares !
This is the most hurt thing ! but we cant do nothing ! Things happened cause this is the life !
i Lose all what i had and alright i am here ! i amc rying all the days & nights like u !
Miss u avril and get better soon ! BTW ' love ur pics & believe u
with love , Cleo .
:(( 23 December 2010  
sorry for u avril :(
xJerksJerksxPTeam 23 December 2010  
i am sorry cause u lose ur grandpa :(( lvoe u :((
IamBIEBERgirl 23 December 2010  
i know :| when i saw that video i cried too :(( :((
but even with ur tears in eyes u are just awesome ! respect (L)
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